The 5 Simple Steps to Start Your Career of Impact and Abundance.

Tested and Proven for a
Coach, Consultant, Course Creator, or Workshop Leader
by Ajit Nawalkha, Founder of Evercoach and Global Grit.









In this class you will learn…

  • Feel like your industry is full, that there are too many with your expertise? Let me show you how you are literally the only one that can do what you do. That your market is completely untapped and is waiting for you.
  • The insane uncovered truth about action. Learn why taking massive action is the worst advice for you and what you should do instead. The small ideas for big wins philosophy will completely shift the way you have been operating. This will help you start your career even if you already have a job or have limited time to invest in it.
  • The fastest road to get to 6-figures. There is a way you NEED to package and price irrespective of your industry that helps your clients make decisions. Understanding client buying psychology will help you price yourself effectively.
  • The personal effectiveness system of staying in a state of flow and effectiveness. The most common failure point for impact makers is loss of motivation or vision. I will show you a bypass that will keep you motivated, future-focused, and excited about what you are creating. No more bad days.
  • How you could achieve time and money freedom in the next 12-weeks using the process used by our clients over and over again.

Is business taking time away from family and friends? Let me show you how you can restructure your passion for business to become a fuel for life, add to life—not take away from it.

We will cover all of the above in just 40 minutes. It is going to be fast-paced and powerful. Join this class now and find how you too can live the dream life you want.

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