The Successful entrepreneur duo reveal

How to Start Your Profitable Business in 12 Weeks… Without Being Paralyzed by Self-Doubt and Overwhelm

Join bestselling authors and serial entrepreneurs Ajit Nawalkha and Neeta Bhushan on a transformative journey toward epic business success… so that you can build your legacy, become known for your impact, and claim fulfilment, freedom, and abundance for yourself.

Dr. Neeta Bhushan and Ajit Nawalkha have worked with hundreds of companies including industry legends like:

Dear coach, consultant, thought-leader, change-maker, and leader of tomorrow,

If you want to successfully grow your business and make money whilst doing something impactful and in alignment with who you are….

I’m about to share with you the unfiltered truth of what it takes to kickstart and grow your business… To create freedom and abundance in a meaningful way… And to do it without feeling crippled by overwhelm or constantly doubting and second-guessing yourself.

Because if you haven’t yet had the success and momentum you hoped for in your business, then I can tell you one truth right away:

The reason you’re struggling is not because you“don’t have what it takes” or “you’re not cut out for business”.

It’s not because “you aren’t ready” either.

And you certainly don’t need more education or another certification if you want to make real money and finally enjoy the lifestyle and impact you deserve.

So what you really need to focus on if you want to leap forward with your business and get the traction and momentum that lead to clients, sales, visibility, and the freedom and abundance you crave…

Are the two key factors that kickstart your business growth and success.

I’ll let you in on what these two factors are in just a second, but first… Let’s talk about the most important element:


Are you stuck in the vicious cycle that limits your level of business growth and success?

If you’re like most ambitious new coaches, consultants, aspiring thought-leaders, and change makers out there, then you’re probably all too familiar with this scenario:

You started your business journey fueled by passion, motivation, and the desire to contribute to this world.

It felt amazing, you got excited and you’ve celebrated your first wins.

Maybe you’ve already served some clients… Maybe you’ve already seen that you can make a difference in people’s lives… And how deeply rewarding it feels to get paid to do what you love.

But then?

You hit the inevitable roadblocks that kill your confidence and your drive

All of a sudden you got sucked into a very common vicious cycle… And it looks like this:

  • Your workload seems to increase by the minute, so you feel overwhelmed and stressed out…
  • As a result, small failures start to happen… Not everything goes as planned.
  • But now you have even more stuff on your plate… And a simple Google search just doesn’t provide the answers and solutions you need.
  • With a gazillion things pulling at you, you get distracted and lose focus and momentum.
  • Now you feel like you’re falling behind, so you think you need to do MORE for your business… Which only adds to your stress and overwhelm.
  • And that’s how the vicious cycle starts again from the top.

Look, I get it. This is EXTREMELY frustrating.

But even worse?

It creates toxic doubts in your mind that chip away at your confidence and your drive.

And when you start to second guess your capabilities, your decisions, your path… It’s easy to feel paralyzed and unsure of your next steps.

Does that sound familiar? Then you’re absolutely not alone… Because almost every new entrepreneur falls into that same vicious cycle at some point.

So are you ready to break out of this frustrating loop for good? Then let me share the good news:

Getting traction and momentum in your business doesn’t have to be frustrating, painful, and so freaking hard

Because there’s actually a path and a proven system that completely takes out the overwhelm, confusion, and crippling doubts….

And replace them with clarity, certainty, and the unshakeable confidence you need to leap forward in your business and create outstanding results.

Just imagine how amazing it will feel when you…

  • Are finally able to go from “side-hustle” or unsatisfying “breadcrumb-results” to being a successful full-time business owner and earning real money by doing meaningful work you love.
  • Make tangible progress week after week in your business and feel the momentum that leads to ever-increasing visibility, more clients, more sales, and more freedom to live life on your own terms.
  • Have unshakeable confidence and resilience, because you’ve adopted an entrepreneurial mindset and have the support you need to get through small setbacks and stay on track even when things don’t go as planned.
  • Have a clear roadmap and a solid framework that take the overwhelm and confusion out of your business journey… But still leave enough room for your intuition to guide you on your very own unique path.
  • Are finally back in the driver’s seat of your success and know with certainty which steps to take when to create the level of abundance, freedom, and impact you’ve always dreamed of and genuinely deserve.
  • Have the accountability you need to not just move forward and grow your business… But to actually build a legacy that you feel deeply proud of and that fulfills you at a soul level.
  • Live a life of freedom, purpose, and meaning that inspires others and contributes to humanity so that you know in your heart you are serving at the highest level and are making a tangible difference in this world.

Does that sound great? Amazing? Exciting?

And maybe almost too good to be true?

I hear you.

I know there’s a lot of people out there promising you a lot of awesome results… And maybe (like so many other coaches and new entrepreneurs out there), you’ve been burned in the past,

So instead of just making you promises, I’m going to reveal to you exactly what you need to focus on, if you want to achieve epic momentum and tangible business growth.

Discover the only two key factors you need to focus on to kickstart your business growth and success

Forget about complicated systems and complex strategies that make you feel even more anxious and overwhelmed.

If you want to get traction and momentum in your business, these are the two simple yet highly effective factors you really need to focus on:


If you haven’t adopted a strong entrepreneurial mindset that supports your success through resilience and helps you conquer your inner struggles and fears? You’ll easily get distracted and lose focus. You’ll get sidetracked by what other people are saying and doing. And you’ll get sucked into the frustrating cycle of doubting and second-guessing yourself when things go wrong.


Without a clear path that you can follow, step by step, to get to your desired destination, you’re going to feel like you’re aimlessly wandering through a desert: Lost, confused, exhausted, and willing to give up. Because when your strategy isn’t clearly laid out, you’ll always head off into one direction until you hit a wall… And then you stop, fall back, and repeat. That is not how you create long-term business success (and my guess is you’ve already learned this the hard way… otherwise you probably wouldn’t be here).

So if you don’t want to continue down the draining path of trial and error in your business… And if you’re tired of feeling uncertain about which steps will actually get you the clients, the visibility, the sales, and the impact you deserve…

Then I’m so glad you’re here. Because this is exactly why we created the 90-Day Start Up for you.

Introducing the 90-Day Start Up for Coaches, Consultants, Thought-Leaders, and Change-Makers

Welcome to a highly effective process that helps you kickstart your business in 90 days… so that you can finally gain the traction you need to create true freedom, abundance, and fulfillment.

After leading countless workshops, business accelerators, and masterminds… After testing strategies, techniques, and tools across many different clients and various fields, we’ve designed this unique program as a cohesive journey toward success for you….

While it combines the two key factors that kickstart your success – your entrepreneurial mindset and proven business strategy…

We also go way beyond general sales tips or marketing advice in this powerful program.

Here’s how:

We’ll use behavioral psychology principles and emotional intelligence ideas to create the profound shifts and transformation that set you up for long-term growth and success.

You’ll receive the tested and proven strategies that allow you to get your message out there, attract your ideal tribe, and sell your services and products with ease.

But in case you’re now wondering who “we” are and how we know so much about creating

 thriving businesses… Then allow me to properly introduce ourselves:

Meet the extraordinary teachers who will guide you through this transformative journey of growth

With a passion to love and serve, Ajit Nawalkha has successfully built numerous online brands for coaches, authors, speakers, and online educators. This includes co-founding Evercoach, the leading brand in helping coaches reach their full potential that has impacted over 140,023 coaches, teachers, and educators.

With his coaching centered around leadership, management, mindset, product, team, and marketing, his clients often report a 30%-200% business growth as a result of Ajit’s coaching.

From his experience at Evercoach and his own coaching experience, Ajit co-authored, the bestselling “The Book of Coaching,” which has helped over 30,000 readers discover how to start a coaching business.

His latest book “The Business Book of Coaching” is helping thousands of coaches and other entrepreneurs to successfully start a business and live a more fulfilling life.

Ajit has worked with some of the most impactful leaders of the world like Lisa Nichols, Eben Pagan, Marisa Peer, and many more, and continues to support tens of thousands of coaches, teachers, and entrepreneurs in building and growing successful businesses… so that they can facilitate positive change in the world.

Dr. Neeta Bhushan is an international speaker, an advocate of emotional resilience, and best-selling author of Emotional GRIT. She’s known for her unique approach that gets you out of your head and into your heart and her breakthrough research is endorsed by renowned leaders and prestigious organizations across the globe. She left her own highly successful 7-figure cosmetic dental practice to pursue her next chapter in building unconventional leaders. Since then, she’s been a serial entrepreneur who has helped hundreds of leaders who felt stuck, unsure, or experienced a lack of energy in their business.

Currently, Dr. Neeta advises 20 startups in the field of wellness and social change. With her diverse background, she is able to take complex ideas and create simple actions to get seemingly impossible results.

Curious to find out what exactly you’ll learn and implement each week during the 90-Day Start Up Journey?

Unlike other programs, this program is designed as a journey that leads you toward freedom, abundance, and fulfilment. Every week is carefully crafted to lead you through exercises that prepare you for the next week… And here’s a sneak peak into what you’ll be able to learn over the course of 12 weeks;



The Core

In our first week, we’re going to start off strong by getting clarity on your key message, your audience, and your core statement that defines who you work with and the problem you solve.

You think your market is filled with competitors right? Wrong! Learn how to carve out your market that only you can serve, even if you have always struggled to create that differentiation and stand out.

You’ll learn how to craft a curiosity-driven statement that makes your potential client excited to continue the conversation with you… And allows you to confidently speak about your services and products and by building connection, relationship, and rapport.

Plus you’ll do a powerful exercise that helps you find the sweet spot between your own unique talents and gifts and the market’s needs.



The Arc

Week 2 is all about finding your character arc and leveraging it to build a meaningful relationship and long-term bond with your clients – based on mutual care.

Do you wonder why some get all the attention while others struggle? It is all about knowing your arc. This unique process taken directly from the books of the best screenwriters in the world will help you attract your clients consistently.

You’ll learn how to include your arc in any and all communication and start highlighting your conflicts, your strengths, your vision, and your story to become magnetically attractive to your ideal clients.

This allows you to craft a consistent message that is heard again and again and that you become recognized and known for.



The TJ

In week 3, we will work through a unique process that will clarify exactly how your clients get results with you. It will also magically reveal to you why your clients should be lining up to hire you and get your products. If you have struggled to make your offers — after this module you will never struggle again!

We will dive deep and tackle your fears and internal struggles… You will discover the 4-step process to restoring your confidence and embodying your worthiness, so that you won’t fall into the traps of procrastination and crippling self doubt. Instead, we will strengthen your mental capacity, and overall resilience as you build your rock solid entrepreneurial mindset.

We will identify your unique methodology and the most powerful way for you to lead your clients through their own transformational journey.

You’ll be guided through exercises that help you understand the problem, solution and goals of your prospects… and that will take you step by step through the process of creating a unique transformational journey that allows you to serve at the highest level and create a tangible impact in your clients’ lives.



Pricing the Priceless

Now that we’ve gotten clarity on how exactly you can help your client, we’ll identify the value of this outcome and price your packages and services in an irresistible way

Pricing can make or break your financial success. We will show you exactly how to price yourself, increase your prices over time and position your product for the prices you deserve to charge. If pricing has been a struggle, we will eliminate that struggle this week.

You’ll learn how to price the priceless and discover what the question of pricing is really all about (hint: it’s not about numbers or money…)

We’ll also begin to look at how you can best deliver results and how to take control of your own belief system so that it supports you in charging what you’re really worth.



Package and Product

In week 5, we will start getting really, really tactical. This is the week you pick a track for yourself. If you offer services we will show you how to package your product for services. If you offer a digital product we will show you how to create products that sell.

For Coaching or Consulting Services: You will learn how to craft high price point packages that are easier to buy for your clients. You will also learn what not to do if you are just getting started. We consistently sell packages worth $15,000 to $90,000, so we will show you exactly how we do it and how you can do it too!

For Digital Product Creators: You will learn how to craft programs that people want to buy, how to induce marketing while creating these programs so it doesn’t become a struggle. We have helped companies build and sell programs for over a decade now. We know exactly what works and want to show you how.

We also begin to connect the dots and use everything you’ve learned so far to design truly valuable and desirable packages your clients will love

We’ll break down your transformation journey and you’ll go through simple yet effective exercises on how to craft a product outline and set the foundation for creating a package that sells



Pitch Perfect

Sales is hard right? Wrong! Sales is hard if you are “selling”…. But sales become easy when clients are sharing with you why they want to buy. Learn the “gap” method that we have used consistently to sell to companies, organizations and individuals with ease.

You will learn how to sell more and more easily no matter if you provide services or an sell online programs (or both):

For Coaching or Consulting Services: Learn how to open a conversation which is curiosity driven, and engages your clients in a way where they identify their “gap” and want to know more about your services. If you have struggled with sales all your practice, this will increase your enrollments by a huge percentage.

For Digital Product Creators: Learn the proven method of webinars that your clients actually want to watch. If you are sick and tired of webinars that are hard sales pitches, we will show you why our clients love our webinars and how you can create those too! Webinar structures that created millions in sales while building even more love for the brands that use it!

If you have been putting off writing your sales pitch and webinar until now, this week you will be writing your pitch and webinar. Finally, you will have a sales message to broadcast to the world that you actually love!



Magic Mountain of Clients

Where do all these clients come from? How do you find them? And more importantly how do you find them without exhausting yourself? This week we will show you exactly where these clients live and how to get access to them. You will learn how you engage them without feeling icky about it.

You will learn these detailed key strategies that actually work:

For Coaching or Consulting Services: These surprising and unusual strategies will help you engage potential clients in a fun way that will establish you as an authority and will also inspire your clients to spread the word about you and your work.

For Digital Product Creators: How to target these clients and use channels of engagement that makes them want to have a conversation with you. We will show you how to create ads and campaigns that allow you to enroll clients easily…. And that you can use to create results even if you know nothing about social media or advertising.

We will show you exact enrolment scripts we have personally used to sing on dream clients, so you can “steal” our ideas. … Plus you’ll learn how to adapt our ideas so they fit your personality and unique way of doing business. If you have struggled to get clients in the past, this alone will be a complete game-changer!



Tackling Those Inevitable Fears

The biggest reason for the success of your business is YOU. If you can adopt a supportive entrepreneurial mindset, you can propel your business much faster, even when you hit roadblocks and obstacles along the way. Which is why this week we will focus on YOU!

If you have struggled with feeling like an imposter, we will show you tools and strategies to use so you can bypass this syndrome, stop comparing yourself and stay focused on your own path.

If you find it difficult to present in front of your potential client, we will work with you to help you overcome this fear and replace it with natural confidence and faith in yourself

We will provide you with an arsenal of emotional tools that you can add to your toolbox and pull out anytime if you feel fears or limiting beliefs are hindering your progress, so that you are equipped for ultimate success instead.



Building Your Deck: Mastering
Confidence To Serve Love

Week 9. is where you will be taking some hits. You will be getting more clients but sometimes you may be doubting yourself. This is totally normal. Which is why this week we will be working on your deck of cards. You will be mastering your confidence so you can serve love.

Learn how to stack your cards for success so you secure more wins. We will show you the exact tools that will focus your effort towards things that ARE working. Ever found yourself in a downward spiral? This will set you up to reduce that spiral!

Create a plan that sets you up for daily progress. Most entrepreneurs have really great days and then terrible weeks. We will show you how to have amazing days, consistently. This will increase your productivity, focus and inevitably create consistency in your business.



Create Your Influence & Conquer Your Authority

By this week, you will be rocking your business. Tremendous focus, clear path, streamlined effort. You will be seeing results already, which is why we will now shift our focus towards amplification.

We want you to win for years to come, so we will show you how to build sustainable influence, claim your space and conquer your authority

You will learn how to do social media – right. Promoting yourself on social can create a lot of anxiety. It can also create what we call “comparison hell”. We will show you how to use social channels to increase your impact and avoid the comparison hell.

Struggling to create content? That will be a thing of the past once you start implementing our hacks that create content automagically! Learn how to create content that lasts for a long period of time and will consistently deliver new clients to you.



The Doing

The past 10 weeks have been an intensive journey. And because we want you to get tangible results (without overwhelm!), this week will only be about getting shit done… and being fully supported as you take action and implement.

Get on extra calls with your coach and consultants this week so you can get the additional support you may need. Kick back if you are crushing your goals, and wait for the final video series in the last week of this journey!



Becoming Unshakeable!

This is the last week and we will give you the final tools that will make you UNSHAKEABLE! These are all related to building you unshakeable self-leadership that allow you to amplify your momentum after this initial kickstart… so that you can truly THRIVE in your business for years to come.

You will learn how to create extraordinary habits, how to become a productivity ninja, how to conquer distractions and how to become metally strong so you can continue to take on the world (even during hard times or when it seems impossibly difficult).

Here is exactly what you’ll get with the 90-Day Start Up

If you join us for this 12-week journey, you’ll get:

20 Video Lessons to guide you through the content and give you the strategies, insights, and knowledge you need to successfully build and grow your business, overwhelm-free

Powerful Exercises and accompanying worksheets each week to get you into action mode so that you can gain traction immediately and start to see tangible results as you progress

Private Members Only Facebook group to give you the community support and encouragement you need to keep going, connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs on the same journey and receive invaluable feedback

Lifetime access to the entire program including all videos and worksheets, so that you can go through the lessons whenever and as often as you like

Are you ready to finally gain traction and momentum in your business and claim the freedom, abundance, and impact of your dreams?

Look, I want to be honest with you: The 90-Day Start Up Program is an in-depth journey that offers you the guidance, support, and accountability you need to finally see your business take off…

The only other way you can work with Neeta and I is in our Success Partners Program… Which is currently priced at $15,000.

And while it’s worth every penny, we also deeply believe that the world needs more coaches, leaders, change agents, and impact-makers like you…

So we created a much more affordable way to support you on this path. Which is why your investment for the 90-Day Start Up Program is nowhere near $15,000. It’s not even $5,000.

So if you finally want to break out of the vicious cycle of trial and error and take a quantum leap toward growth and success in your business… Then don’t wait!

And join us for the 90-Day Start Up Program now!

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But… Can you really grow your business in only 12 weeks?

The short answer is: With the right guidance and support, YES!

But look…

A lot of people out there create online programs to make money quickly or “while they sleep.”

And while there’s a lot of great content available, there is also a huge amount of programs that lack depth, over-promise and only help you to create a small fraction of your desired results.

This program is NOT one of them.

We’ve designed the 90-Day Start Up journey because we care about your results.

Because we’ve seen how much this program is needed. Because we want YOU to have the clarity, the support, and the accountability you need to be successful.

And because the truth is that this whole business growth thing is not rocket science… But we know too damn well that it can feel like it, if you’re trying to go at it all by yourself.

So if you’re ready to create long-term business success, build your legacy and finally claim the freedom, abundance and impact you deserve, then…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I join this program even if I’m just starting out or only have a side-hustle?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, we applaud you and encourage you to get the support and input you need, right from the get-go. This way you’ll not only set yourself up for long-term success in your business, but you’ll also save yourself a huge amount of time, pain and money along the way.

You can use the strategies we teach in the program, whether you’re just starting out or you’re already a bit more advanced… And either way you’ll find that they will propel you forward and get you the traction and momentum you need.

Q. What if I don’t have time to commit to 12 weeks?

If you’re not willing to put in some time and energy, then you won’t be creating outstanding results. This is just the truth and it’s true for all of us. However, we’ve designed this program in a way that offers you the perfect balance between getting stuff done, being held accountable and creating forward momentum… whilst having enough time to take action and implement. (Even if you’re currently working on your side hustle and you still have a job, a family and other things calling for your attention).

Q. How is this different from other courses out there?

Unlike other programs, this program is designed to be a journey. This is not a superficial program that gives you bits and pieces, but an in-depth learning experience,to support you and hold you accountable. Every week is carefully crafted to lead you through exercises that create results almost immediately…. Plus you’ll focus on the two key factors that kickstart business growth and success: Your entrepreneurial mindset and proven business strategies. After leading thousands of others through this process and growing multiple highly successful businesses of our own, we’ve seen first-hand that this is the most effective way to create long-term business success.

Q. Wouldn’t it be better to hire a personal coach?

Hiring a coach is a great idea! But a coach will help you resolve challenges rather than give you the in-depth knowledge, the strategies and the step-by-step instructions on how to grow your business. 

Q. What if I join the program but then decide that it’s not for me?

You have nothing to worry about. Thanks to our 10-Day Money Back Guarantee, you can test-drive the program with no risk at all. So if, for whatever reason, you’re not 100% delighted by the program, you can simply send us your completed worksheets and you’ll get all your money back. You can only win!

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