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What We Do

What We Do

We work with impact focused individuals so they can continue to move humanity in a positive direction. We do the same using smart systems, ideas we have tested across many cultures.

We believe that an individual’s success is a function of their inner world and the world they create outside. The inner world, emotions and beliefs, when paired with their creation, business or a prolific career, has the power to change the world for good.

Who Are We


Dr. Neeta Bhushan Nawalkha

Dr. Neeta Bhushan Nawalkha
Dr. Neeta Bhushan Nawalkha

“Where we start is rarely where we end up. I should know.”

Dr. Neeta Bhushan is a former cosmetic dentist turned best-selling author, international speaker, serial entrepreneur, advocate of emotional health, and leadership coach. Founder of the Global GRIT institute and author of the best-selling books Emotional GRIT & The Book of Coaching. Neeta left her large dentistry practice to transform smiles from the inside out; a journey which led her across 45 countries researching and immersing herself in the field human behavior, as well as studying the works of ancient wisdom, eastern philosophy and therapeutic psychology.

Her pursuit of knowledge to understand human behavior in order to create positive life transformation is sparked by her own life experience to overcome multiple extreme adversities, which includes being orphaned at a young age, surviving an abusive marriage of domestic violence, and overcoming extensive loss. Neeta’s approach seamlessly blends the emotional grit & resilience she developed to overcome personal adversity with the understanding of human behavior & psychology. The power of her coaching and message has and continues to transform the lives of thousands across the world and set the bar for a new form of emotional leadership for professionals & people of color through capacity building, courage, and meaningful legacy.

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Ajit Nawalkha

Ajit Nawalkha
Ajit Nawalkha

Ajit is known as the mastermind behind successful and impactful brands in the human evolution and education space.

His journey started in India as he led the multi media sales for a national newspaper. Soon after, he joined a startup named Mindvalley. Mindvalley became a powerhouse over the years as he played the roles of CMO and CEO of the company.

He went on to create the global center for continued education for coaches, called Evercoach. Serving over 100,000 coaches globally, he turned the industry’s attention to having a better product.

He currently coaches and consults with leaders in education, certification and coaching industries.

He has been featured in leading online shows and podcasts.

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