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Discover A Breakthrough Method To Rise Above Adversity, Live A Fearless Life, And Create Extraordinary Outcomes by Mastering Your Emotions.

Based on Conversations with 300+ Top Leaders, Dr. Neeta Bhushan Shares 4 Simple Steps To Transform Your Thoughts and Feelings to  Live an Unstoppable Life.

To the seeker of joy, abundance, passionate love, and vibrant life

The world is calling for you to wake up to your massive, untapped potential!

I know how it feels when you wake up everyday struggling to meet your potential. Living with the feeling that there’s so much you could achieve but circumstances in life are just not in your favor. Which is why I wrote the Emotional Grit: 8 steps to master your emotions, transform your thoughts, and change your world , a book to show you how to use these circumstances, and emotions are consequences of them, to turn in your favor. This book will show you how to make the circumstances work for you  – a book I want YOU to have. 

Deep down inside you know you DESERVE Joy, Abundance, Love, Friendship and a Vibrant Life. You know you deserve it all, yet you struggle with stress, overwhelm, anxiety, you feel you are not being enough, you don’t feel good enough. The daily turmoil of an emotional roller coaster takes over your day, and at the end of the day it feels like nothing was achieved. 

You have looked at resources and still… you’re stuck.

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Perhaps you’ve:

  • Enrolled in yoga classes to de-stress from the daily hectic lifestyle but you find yourself even more stressed with your schedule because you can’t commit  or
  • Follow your favorites on IG for the best hacks, positive quotes and inspirational reminders- that only lead to a small break from your crazy day without any change.
  • Set out to go to bed early, but feel like the only time you have to yourself is on that comfy couch to netflix binge at the end of the day- which brings your cycle of waking up to react to the next morning to do it all over repeating the hurried cycle again and again.
  • Tried all the different strategies to not get upset and frustrated but you end up that way because of the amount of overwhelm that you can’t keep up with.

Nothing seems to be working…

Whatever stage of frustration, anxiety, stress or burnout you’re at, I want you to know that just by being here, a brighter future lies before you.

For you’ll soon have the solution to cleanse & ease away all your stresses & challenges to rebuild a life you’ve been dreaming for a very long time.

You Too Can Have an Extraordinary Life

The past 10 years of research in human potential has shown one thing. Anyone, including you, despite their circumstances can have an extraordinary life…

Just imagine if you could…

  • Turn off Fear and Turn on Courage. With uncertainty comes the need for courage. In the modern world you need to be able to turn off fear, and turn on courage. You lead a life of courage, a life of opportunity and growth. Now you can unlock your ability to create abundance and meet your financial potential.
  • Create Meaningful and Deep Loving Relationships. As you discover how to manage your relationship with yourself and with others, you will discover the essence of a meaningful and deep relationship. Now you have the capability to mend your current relationship or create a new one with depth and meaning.
  • Find Your Purpose and Meet Your Potential. Demystify your purpose and decipher the path to your potential. Purpose will give your incredible clarity and focus that will enable you to fulfill your potential, daily.
  • Develop Daily Empowering Habits. We are creatures of habit. Most of them are developed passively. They take away from our ability to be unstoppable in life. Develop daily empowering habits that fuel you.
  • Identify, Dissect and Reprogram Limiting Beliefs. Build understanding of how beliefs are formed and how you can morph them to support your life goals. Now you can spot a limiting belief, dissect on where it’s coming from and if it serves you and then reprogram it in a matter of minutes.
  • Anchors to Bring You Back to Yourself. You now have anchors that bring you back to your powerful self so even if life circumstances throw you for a loop, you come back to a place of power, performance and peace.

All of this is possible. It’s not HARD or IMPOSSIBLE as some might tell you. It is within your reach and possible in a short period of time. There is just one problem…

Success “Myths” Are Holding You Hostage.

There are four predominant myths transferred over by society that stop us from living an unstoppable life. Our parents taught us these as golden rules, and society expects us to treat them as gospels.  Yet when you start thinking differently, you are shamed – truth!

  • “Emotions are bad” Stop crying, don’t be emotional, toughen up, ‘man up’… this starts from childhood and continues into our adulthood. The challenge is emotions are a natural, and vital part of the human experience no matter what age. The truth is, emotions are untapped resources which when suppressed turns into body and mind diseases.
  • “Success needs sacrifice” We always hear the glorious stories of the entrepreneurs who sacrifice it all for financial success. Most of those stories depict these individuals as inhuman with no relationships, which is completely untrue. Success is a combination of understanding & mastering  your emotional health which grows your resilience, not sacrifice.
  •  “There is not enough” We are made to believe that there are finite resources in the world. That there is only enough love for a few people in the world. That only a few can be wealthy. Only a few can live a happy life. True leaders believe there is enough, because they know it to be true. All of us can have the abundance we want, love we desire and health we deserve.
  • “You need to do more…” The world will have us believe that we are not good enough. That we need to be like someone else. That success, joy and love is reserved for the select few. This is a belief traffered over generations now. When you break this belief, it unlocks the real you. The glorious, powerful, untamed, fearless you. When you live a full expression of yourself nothing is impossible.

These myths have been limiting us for decades. I am here to tell you that these myths have nothing on you… my life is a case study of it…

The Story of Finding Emotional Grit

Over the last few years, I have been fascinated by human dynamics. It’s taken me to over 45 countries. After having sold my 7 figure dental healthcare business, it inspired a deliberate quest of discovering the unique stories of people and their versions of success through hardships around the world.

Coming from the traditional Asian (Filipino & Indian) background, culturally growing up it was taboo to share ‘feelings’, to think ‘outside’ the box, and challenge or argue ideas. However, spiritual inquisition was encouraged in my household (my mom was catholic and father hindu), but with a strict Asian expectation. Obligatory cultural expectations meant, straight A’s, excellence built on accolades, and keep going no matter what life hardships come your way. 

I was encouraged to fall under the status quo – people pleasing, family pleasing, legacy and pride building but really on track to burst and burnout.

I had to maintain perfection even more when I became a child care taker at 10 years old. It set off a journey of 6 years watching my mother die to cancer.  A year later after the tragic loss of my mother, I lost my brother to a sudden asthma attack. Two years after that, helping my father and youngest brother- my father got diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. 

I lost both of my parents and my brother before I was 19. I had to be a caretaker for my  youngest brother; proving to society that despite all odds we would carry on the legacy of pride, excellence, and honor.  

Phew. It was hardAF. 

It was tough. But I had to keep going.

I had to fulfill their dream. 

I graduated magna cum laude.

I became a dentist. 

Further, to prove to society that I was enough, I got married. 

On the surface, we were making money, living abundantly, partying fabulously. When the lights turned off, emotional and physical punches would land on my face.

I couldn’t end it because I was scared to lose face. “What will my family think? What will society think? What will my community think?”.

Until one night, I found courage, shut the door, and ran for my life. 

It took a life threatening situation for me to find my life, and myself, again. 

What was to come next would change my life dramatically. In the next 5 years of ending that relationship.

  • I sold my 7-figure dental practice to travel across 45 countries and interact with hundreds of leaders to understand what it takes to live an incredible, unstoppable, fearless life.
  • Found a partnership with a beautiful man that loves me unconditionally, appreciates my journey and co-creates our dream life together.
  • I became a mother, and we have a beautiful son who is a blessing and a constant reminder of living every moment.
  • I am invited repeatedly to events and conferences to discuss ideas from my work around emotions, living an unhinged life and while coaching leaders across the world.
  • Wrote three books in various fields of life and business.

…I share this to remind you that, whatever may be happening in life right now for you, you can create an incredible, abundant, and fulfilling whole new life. 

It seems impossible when you are in it, it seemed completely impossible to me when I hit rock bottom, and I made it. I made it out to a more beautiful life. If I can love, you can too… 

To create this new life, I had to find the best teachers. The ones who seem to have it all.

Discovering Emotional Grit

Strategies, insights and actions described in this book are inspired by the insights of entrepreneurs, leaders, community activists, change makers, community builders, gurus, psychologists, mothers, and everyday heroes around the world.

Introducing Emotional Grit

Grow: Becoming Aware of Your World

The current version of you defines your world. It defines your success. It defines your limitations. 

This book will help you identify what is the current version of you. What elements of that current version are disempowering. You will get the exact toolkit to identify those limitations and see what role they play in your life.

Reveal: Accept the Past to Move Forward

When you find your limitations, you will also discover they were created in your past. There were events that happened that shaped you. 

This book will show you how to recognize those events, accept those events and limitations so you can take control of your limitations and turn them to create positive outcomes for yourself.

Innovate: Ways to innovate and commit to change

You now know your limitations, knowing them was only the first step to change. Now, it’s time to commit to your change. 

In this book you will learn how to innovate your life. How to create change that is lasting. Your past has nothing on you, your future is waiting for you. Learn how to let go of your past, create and embrace your future.

Transform: Responsibility and Taking Action

Lastly, this book will show you how you can take full responsibility for your life. How to create habits, action steps that are encouraging. Change is hard, this section shows you how to make it easy, how to stick to change so you can have an unstoppable future.

Here Are Exact Outcomes You Can Expect from this Book

Emotional GRIT deconstructs and reconstructs what it means to be a better human.

It’s understanding what wasn’t taught to you in school. It’s your school of life, where happiness, your own awareness, compassion and empathy are your essential tools to combat that daily dose of stress.

It’s about time you remove the old “gunk” and turn over a new leaf. So you can live the life you’ve been dreaming of all along.

Between the pages of Emotional GRIT you will…

  • Discover the 4 stages (on page 44) of Emotional GRIT. How to use it to cope with adversity that you’ll encounter through loss, grief, betrayal within your journey of life, and how to grow your resilience muscle.
  • Identify internal struggles (on page 73) that have ultimately influenced how you make decisions, project your thoughts, communicate, and a greater understanding of the world around you.
  • Learn the root cause of fear and the types of fear patterns (on page 78) in your current life so that you can minimize stress, anxiety and illnesses. This will help break away from unhealthy habits and outdated beliefs from your personal life, relationships, career and responsibilities.
  • Regain control (on page 91) and break free from the expectations of others – truly being a leader of YOUR LIFE. The time has come to stop measuring yourselves from others’ perceptions.
  • Uncover the #1 secret formula (on page 119) that successful entrepreneurs & leaders from all around the world practice.
  • Unlock the 6 essential nutrients (on page 136) that make up everything you’re striving for. So you know exactly what NOT to focus on, and fully thrive in all aspects of your life.
  • Be shown a tool (on page 149) that helps you remove negativity, and shed the idea of needing to be perfect all the time.
  • 10 key characteristics of the GRIT process (on page 161). How to celebrate failures and welcome mistakes with ease and bounce back even greater everytime.
  • Discover the one thing the world needs more of (on page 230) so that you can engage life more fully, cultivate your emotional confidence in the workplace, within your relationships, and transform your community.

Here’s What People Are Saying About The Book

“Emotional GRIT is a true calling for helping the next generation live beyond stories and circumstances, thus creating a shift in the world once we reframe our thinking.”

Gina Otto, CEO, Founder International Best-Selling Author

“Emotional GRIT has completely changed my views on myself, my entire world, how I wish to create a different world for my family and I and my impact on others. This is so powerful.”

Dr. Shakila Angadi, Founder

“Pressure, society, media, can take a huge toll on you as a human. Emotional GRIT gives you so many tools that you can implement and really understand yourself in a different light – no matter what you have been through”

Claire Antsey

Media Relations, UK, Founder Tribe 47

“Emotional GRIT is one of those books that reminds you of your power. As a scientist and spiritual seeker I enjoyed the blend of understanding the facts but how we forget to incorporate the small things to make monumental changes.”

Cynde Margritz

PeakNeuroFitness, Researcher, Scientist, Healer

“If you don’t have it, what are you waiting for. Gamechanger, or someone curious for change do not waste a moment, it is NOW. I’ve done retreats in the South of France & Monaco for years, and this book is one I use with the teachings for leadership. This is your reminder.”

Nitasha Sarin

International Speaker, Empowered 360 Global, Founder

“Emotional GRIT ignites a visionary future that craves a new generation of compassionate leaders to set the stage for a heart-centered evolution in humanity.”

Rave Mehta

Grammy award-winning pianist Producer and Bestselling Author

“This book gives you life. It’s easy to get stuck, and it’s easy to become frustrated in your journey. Neeta gives you perspective & depth from her own cumbersome journey and interweaves the life lessons we should really be valuing. As a mother and entrepreneur it is wildly transformational.”

Komal Jodha

Entrepreneur, Chef, Mother of twins

“Emotional GRIT is what men and women need, to understand the importance of being human, and regaining what it means to pause in today’s fast-paced life.”

Anthony Trucks

Former NFL Playe,r International Speaker, Founder of Renew University

“Emotional GRIT should be a household name for anyone desiring to build their tenacity, character and strength – as a leader, partner, parent, and overall human being. Men typically aren’t taught to understand their emotions; this book provides you the basis for how you can change that to enhance every area of your life. ”

Erik Fulkerson

CFO Elite Excursions


Emotional Grit Online Experience

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When you dive into Emotional GRIT Online Experience you’ll have access to:

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Access To
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  • Allow you to retain visualisation and picture-making skills as you listen – increasing comprehension, memory, and enjoyment.
  • Listen on the go, anytime, so that your transformation does not end.
  • Improve your understanding by the tone of voice, accent, emphasis and timing given to the text by me!
  • Make your learning more flexible and mobile, as you can absorb the learnings anywhere and anytime; while driving, on commute, jogging or even while waiting in the supermarket queue.

Yes,This Can All Be Yours…

For a simple one-time payment of just $4.99 (regular price $67), you can get everything in Emotional GRIT Bundle – the e-book, the audio book, the online experience – to learn the very best strategies to empower your mind, and change your world — distilled into a concise, digestible format.

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Are you ready to step into your extraordinary life?

You can feel the calling deep inside. The calling to become that extraordinary human. To find your calling, to master your emotions, to live an uncompromised life. 

You’re left with two choices. 

You can ignore that voice, give in to doubts and fears, and let excuses stand in the way of who you’re truly meant to be. But if you take no action, you will stay stuck where you are now – struggling with your coaching practice and frustrated with yourself.


You can accept that calling with an open heart, and take action NOW to develop the 4 foundational elements to creating an extraordinary life. 

When you choose this path, you will no longer feel stuck, and you will finally experience that blissful joy, that alignment, that mastery of emotions, that drive for purpose and passion. 

So if you want to elevate yourself, live a life of abundance, a life of love and passion. A life that is true to you. Give yourself permission and courage to lean into your intuition and trust your heart to make the right choice. And I’ll bet the future higher-version of you will thank you today for choosing the path of growth, expansion and contribution.

Students of Dr. Neeta share...

“Calling all entrepreneurs, get your Emotional GRIT on! Finally, a brilliant piece that highlights what it takes to be a revolutionary leader combining behavioral, brain science, and positive psychology to make it easier to incorporate for your teams, families, and your life.”

Alex Echols

Serial Entrepreneur Top 30 under 30 influencer Best-Selling Author

Leaders & entrepreneurs have difficulty showing vulnerability which attacks the core of trust, Emotional GRIT is an opportunity to enable a different approach of thinking.”

Sanjay Singhal

Founder of Audiobooks & Venture Capitalist

“This is the future of collaboration, when we move past our limitations and discover the potential to truly solve challenges in the world, which starts with mastering your Emotional GRIT.”

Dr. Harbeen Arora

Women Economic Forum, India

“Shifting your perspective to push humanity forward, is what the world needs more of – this book aims to challenge that.”

Gabriel Baldinucci

Chief Strategy Officer, Singularity University

“Emotional GRIT is what men and women need, to understand the importance of being human, and regaining what it means to pause in today’s fast-paced life.”

Codie Sanchez

Head First Trust, CS Ventures

“Emotional GRIT is pivotal to understanding the role of our emotional strength and is mandatory for the state of our mental health as well as for our optimal capacity as humans.”

Matt Riemann

Founder,, The Human Foundation Project

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to be a specific kind of person to benefit from this book? A professional or entrepreneur? An advanced student of personal growth? 

The short answer is no. We all deserve an extraordinary life. And my research confirms that. You don’t need a specific education or background to benefit from Emotional Grit. What you do need is a willingness to create change in your life. The book comes with tools and worksheets that will help you despite the stage of growth you are at.

Q. When will I receive my ebook?

Once your purchase is complete you will automatically be given your login details where you can access The Emotional GRIT ebook and the online course experience as well.

Q. Can I get a physical copy of Emotional GRIT?

Currently, you can get a copy of the physical book on Amazon. It doesn’t include access to the audiobook version of the book or free bonuses, they are only available on this page.

Order The Emotional Grit Bundle

Here’s Everything You Get in The Emotional GRIT Bundle:

  • Instant access to Emotional GRIT eBook packed with actionable tools, research, and strategies for your personal life & business
  • A multimedia learning experience with exclusive access to The Emotional GRIT audio book
  • FREE Bonus: Immersive high-value with unlimited access to The Emotional GRIT: Online Experience (valued at $149)

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