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Neeta Bhushan Nawalkha, International best-selling author of Emotional GRIT The
 Book of Coaching, and Performance Coach to best-selling authors, leaders, and
entrepreneurs, invites you to finally get your Book to a Bestseller.

What other clients have said

Lucia Giovannini

The Italian Louise Hay International Best-selling Author of A Whole New Life

Neeta is a guiding light. She makes things happen and ensures that you will get everything you want accomp- lished and more.

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Kevin Rosenbloom

Founder of Kevin Orthopedic

Neeta’s outline was the catalyst that finally jumpstarted my book writing process. This came after multiple trials of wanting to write, yet procrastinating,

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Michelle + Mark

Founders of the Dream Architects

The Book to Bestseller action weekend facilitated by Neeta was the catalyst we needed to get started on a book that had till then, been just a passing thought.

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Mary O’ Maley

Intuition Coach + Author

Neeta’s personal coaching, by answering specific needs of each person there, her step by step process was super clear and easy to implement,

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Matt Jackson

#1 Amazon Best-Selling Author The Retirement Dreammaker

It was clear I knew so much about business, but when it came to transitioning from my financial brick and mortar into

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Tina Louise Balodi

Founder of PranaBoost , Author of Feeling Your Way Into Parenting

Neeta has an incredible way of making you feel heard, and is so passionate about making sure your message is out,

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Jason Goldberg

International Best Selling Author Prison Break

Neeta is no frills, straight to the point and will tell it to you like it is. Don’t just fall for the smiles, she is smart as a whip

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Amy O’Meara

#1 International Best-selling Author of Letters to a J.E.R.K. Founder, Life Meant International

I always knew I wanted to write a book, but I had no idea her inspiration

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So.. you want to write your book. You want to make it a Best-seller . You want to create a dent in the world with your voice, your knowledge, your expertise and passion. Your next chapter, your lead into your legacy work and leave a profound impact within your community.

You are completely ready, you know that you want it done because you know that it is the very next step in your business. In fact, your business and next chapter depends on this piece of work. Yet, everything slows down. Lack of clarity, confidence in how to write your book, how to even begin, should I hire a team to help me, what do I know about writing books, who will read it anyway- and imposter syndrome sets in. It becomes a dream, that keeps getting benched. You keep procrastinating. You think, how in the world will a book fuel my business? Knowing if what you are doing is right, is it the right strategy, wondering if all this effort in writing will actually even be noticed, or can you even become a bestseller. This can take months before you actually get your webinar done and take it out to the world.

This happens to all of us. The best of us.

The greatest challenge we face as creators is our inability to take our creation to finish line. We have all the knowledge, all the gadgets, but we don’t have the strategy nor the full marketing blueprint to get to the finish line.

Having seen this happen again and again and again, we decided to create a small intensive group to show how its done. To help you leave with your best-selling book outline + amazon best selling marketing strategy to launch your book without having to hire an entire fleet of people .

In this series of events, we are starting with the piece that deludes most. Your Message, your Book to Bestseller. This is your premier calling card for your next chapter, whether it be becoming an expert in your field, or teaching the specifics you’ve been passionate about for years- because you know well and good it will create a ripple effect into the world. I’ve seen many authors + leaders put this off for years, because of the fear around writing, and actually launching your book.

Our team is standing by to see if you qualify. Book your FREE session now.

Action Weekend: Book to Best-seller:

At these 2 day-Action Weekends, we get together in a conference room with 10 focused entrepreneurs who want to get really clear for their destination.

By the end of this weekend you can expect to:

  • Write and complete your best-selling book outline.
  • Develop your marketing strategy around your Book.
  • Learn the difference between marketing your book + developing partnerships for your book.
  • How to create your eco-system for beyond your book that helps you with content for years.
  • Learn the principles of becoming an International/Amazon-Best Selling Author.
  • Leave the weekend with all these items completed, and ready for you to finally write your book.
  • …and so much more.

Our intent is to have you walk out with a marketing strategy for your book + your book outline which will serve as your Table of Contents to complete your book when you are home.

Action Weekend

is NOT for you if…

  • If you want to come to an event and walk away with “ideas” with nothing actually accomplished.
  • If you are looking for a mastermind. They are valuable, this is an action weekend. Designed for action not masterminding or brainstorming.
  • If you don’t want to create your book, book strategy, or how your book impacts your business ecosystem.
  • If you don’t believe in taking action or don’t have the intention to make a positive impact in the world.

Action Weekend

is for you if…

  • You are consistently procrastinating to write your book, or have a small team under your belt.
  • Constantly feel like there’s way too much to do, or have just too many ideas.
  • Think that the entire book process is overwhelming, daunting, and stressful.
  • Need someone to help you track, strategize, and execute on the one idea & get it off the ground to full completion.
  • Juggling too many hats and don’t really have time to work on the nitty gritty.
  • It pains you to think about all of the details involved to make things ‘perfect’.
  • If you are ready to create your book outline + understand how to make it a best seller in the market.

Who is Neeta Bhushan Nawalkha?

Dr. Neeta Bhushan is a former cosmetic dentist turned best-selling author, international speaker, serial entrepreneur, advocate of emotional health, and leadership coach.

Neeta left her million-dollar dentistry practice to pursue a much larger mission; a journey which saw her spend over 15 years across 45 countries researching and immersing herself in the field of human behavior, as well as studying the works of classical philosophers and modern psychology.

Her pursuit of knowledge to understand human behavior in order to create positive life transformation is sparked by her own life experience to overcome multiple extreme adversities, which includes being orphaned at a young age, surviving an abusive marriage of domestic violence, and facing homelessness. Driving her into compiling her first best-selling book Emotional GRIT: 8 steps to master your emotions, transform your thoughts & change your world.

Neeta’s approach seamlessly blends the emotional grit she developed to overcome personal adversity with the understanding of human behavioral patterns. Leading her to co-author best-selling book “The Book of Coaching”, with the mission to elevate human potential for leaders across the globe. The power of her coaching and message has transformed the lives of thousands and set the bar for a new form of leadership that helps others birth out their message for their next chapter of life.

Are you appropriate for this?

Being limited to only 10 people per weekend gives you full access and tangible take home templates that will change the full course & direction of your business.

Not only will you amplify your voice, have full clarity and execution on the items that you’ve been dreading to create- it has been done for YOU. No need to worry about the small items, it is then your duty to release it to the world. Saving you between 6-9 months of heavy preparation, research, and testing- because we complete it for you in the tried, tested, and real-world strategies that have been known to work for many of our businesses.

Our team is standing by to see if you qualify. Book your FREE session now

If you have more questions, email [email protected]. Our team will get back to you with further details on the training and how you can complete your registration.