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Scientific + Spiritual Blueprint That Unlocks Total Life Mastery

Let Go of Overgiving, Own Your Worth & Live a Successful, Purposeful Life on YOUR Terms

  • Do you show up and support others… even when you’re beyond exhausted and close to burnout?
  • Are you afraid of disappointing people so you keep pushing yourself to do more… even when it feels like you’re running on empty?
  • Are you the one who thinks, “If I don’t do it myself, it’ll never get done?”

Deep down, you know something’s wrong and you can literally feel it in your mind, body and soul…

You’re overwhelmed. Overworked. Exhausted to the core.

And it’s no surprise…

You’re the one everyone turns to for love and support. The one people go to for help and advice.

The one they can count on no matter what.

Chances are you’re an official (or unofficial) advisor to your friends, family or community.

Or maybe you’re in one of the helping professions — you’re a therapist, healer, coach or a leader with heart.

And your secret fear? Your worst nightmare? That you’ll drop the ball because the truth is…

You don’t want to let anyone down. Ever.

So, you keep going, you keep pushing, you keep smiling… even when you want to cry.

You’ve been doing it for years, maybe even decades.

But lately, it feels like you’ve hit a wall and you know you can’t keep going like this. You’re probably feeling:

Lost and confused about what you’re doing “wrong” and why you feel resentful and exhausted almost all the time

Frustrated because it’s like your life revolves around other people’s expectations, not your own

Fearful you’ll never achieve your goals and dreams because you’re always taking care of everyone else

You know you want to serve, to hold space, to help but you want to do it minus stress and overwhelm.

And it’s not like you haven’t tried giving to others without giving up your own wants and needs.

When it comes to changing old habits and behaviors like people pleasing and overgiving, you’ve tried just about every personal and spiritual growth technique under the sun.

And yes, you’ve made some progress but sooner or later you fall back into your old ways and end up feeling like you have to choose…

You either get to love and nurture yourself OR you get to love and nurture others.

You can’t have it both ways… but is that really true?

Why You Keep Getting Stuck in Outdated Habits & Behaviors That Don’t Serve You

Data from the World Health Organization shows that more than 250 million people are suffering from depression around the world.

In other words, millions are constantly struggling to feel good about themselves and their life.

They long to experience a sense of holistic well-being from the inside out.

It’s a big reason why so many seek spiritual and personal development methods for support, help and healing.

Unfortunately, many of these tools don’t deliver on what they promise.

Maybe you find some comfort and relief when you work with these methods…

But nothing significant (and even if you see positive shifts in your life, the results don’t last)

It’s why we keep getting stuck in outdated habits, beliefs and behaviors that don’t serve us no matter how hard we try to change.

And it’s because way too many so-called “life-changing” processes fail to resolve the real issue at the core of just about ANY negative behavior..

It’s a hidden issue that has something to do with the lens we use to view the world.

There Are Hidden Elements

Influencing You Right Now

Ever tried looking at the sky, on a sunny day, with dirty sunglasses?

You won’t detect the crisp, sharp blue of the sky or the bright, white fluffy clouds.

And it’s because of the smudges on the dirty lenses of those glasses.

Of course, this doesn’t mean the sky isn’t a clear blue. It just means the lens, through which you’re seeing it, is dirty.

The same is true in life.

The lens with which we view things makes a WORLD of difference in what happens on a day to day basis and across a lifetime.

This lens affects everything and no matter how hard you work and how many new personal growth strategies you try…

You won’t see much difference if you’re using  “dirty lenses.”

And these “dirty lenses” are made up of the inner stories we tell ourselves, our thoughts and emotional patterns.

These are the hidden elements that influence our behaviors, actions and ultimately… the results that play out in life.

The Scientific + Spiritual Blueprint That Has the Power to Transform Everything

When you release negative inner stories and patterns like people pleasing and overgiving, your life will change with hardly any effort…

… and sometimes no effort at all!

Clearing those negative internal issues can instantly kick off massive upgrades and transformations where you can:

  • Easily achieve balance and fulfillment in all areas of your life
  • Trust and know you can lean into your wisdom better than ever before
  • Start making powerful, confident choices that move you toward your goals and dreams
  • Serve others at the highest level without feeling stressed, drained or burnt out
  • Experience your days in a state of ease and flow no matter what’s going on around you
  • Become attuned to your body, mind and soul so you can give yourself deep self-care that lets you operate as your best self at all times
  • Build loving, supportive relationships that nurture your spirit

And the best part is…

You’ll quickly drop negative thoughts, emotions and stories holding you back from living your life, your way…

Because the foundational pillars behind those negative elements have dissolved.

For instance, if you’ve always wanted to write a book but you’re procrastinating…

It’s because of a hidden, inner story or pattern that’s stopping you.

When you shake off the chains of those stories and patterns, you are free to let go of everything that stands in your way…

So you can finally achieve the work and life goals that you truly desire.

Just as there are blueprints to build a strong, solid house from the ground up, there is a blueprint to build a strong, solid life that’s based on YOUR values, dreams and desires.

It’s called the Elevate Blueprint

And when you know how to work with this blueprint and apply it in your life, the whole world opens up for you.

The invisible forces and blocks that were in  the way, fall  away.

Every single personal and spiritual growth process and strategy can take hold in your mind, body and soul and start working for you, at an exponential level

The result? You become unstoppable, unlimited.

And you’ll live in full alignment with who you truly are and how you want to show up in the world.

You’ll finally live your life on YOUR terms.

Welcome to the Powerful, Unique Blueprint to Masterful Living


The Revolutionary Path to Heal Your Past, Recreate Your Present and Reshape Your Future

Elevate Your Life is a unique program that expertly blends proven scientific processes in neuroscience, and psychology.

It also integrates transformational, spiritual techniques to nurture deep, lasting shifts in the mind, body and soul.

With this comprehensive, step-by-step program you will know exactly how to transform ALL major dimensions of your life:

Every tool, strategy and process inside Elevate Your Life was carefully chosen and evaluated so it is easily understandable and fully actionable for real world results.

You can immediately start to create powerful, positive transformations as you redesign your  life.

And it can happen in far less time than just about any other personal growth or spiritual program you’ve tried before.

Meet Master Teacher, Trainer & Best-selling Author, Dr. Neeta Bhushan

Dr. Neeta Bhushan is a doctor of dental surgery turned multiple best-selling author, international speaker, serial entrepreneur, and in demand leadership coach, and trainer.

She is the Founder of the renowned Global GRIT Institute and author of the bestseller, Emotional GRIT: 8 Steps to Master Your Emotions, Transform Your Thoughts, and Change Your World.

She is also the co-author of two, go-to high performance coaching books — The Book of Coaching, and The Business Book of Coaching.

Neeta left her incredibly successful career in dentistry because she felt called to not just helping people fix their smiles on the outside…

But show them how to smile from the inside out.

This life-changing decision took her on a transformational journey across 45 countries.

And it led her to design a unique blueprint that blends the fields of human behavior, neuroscience, ancient eastern philosophy and practice plus therapeutic psychology.

No stranger to life’s challenges, Neeta has experienced many extreme adversities, including being orphaned at a young age, surviving domestic violence in an abusive marriage, and overcoming unimaginable loss.

Neeta’s world-class, breakthrough research on Emotional Grit has been endorsed & utilized by renowned leaders, corporations, students and organizations around the world.

Powerful, Positive Changes You Can Look Forward To With Elevate Your Life

In just 8 weeks you’ll start to redesign your life, rejuvenate your mind, body and soul, and reignite your passion and purpose when you Elevate Your Life in all dimensions and all levels of your being. Here’s how that will happen:

You’ll feel empowered, purposeful and in control of your life no matter what else is going on in the world

Learn exactly how to connect with your emotions, mind and body so you feel centered, balanced and in control even when life throws unexpected curveballs or you find yourself dealing with difficult and stressful circumstances.

You’ll experience boundless creativity and deep passion in all areas of your life

Tap into your natural creativity and uncover inborn gifts and skills you might not even know you have. You’ll begin to contribute with high energy and passion in all aspects of your life as you start to live in alignment with your values and experience deep fulfillment as your true self.

You’ll exponentially boost emotional intelligence to free yourself from negative patterns, habits, false stories and external expectations.

Discover the ins and outs of emotional intelligence. Learn to apply these skills so you can overcome negative patterns, habits and stories plus other people’s expectations that keep you from achieving your highest potential.

You’ll understand how to set boundaries with kindness so you can show up, be your best and do your best every, single time

Boundaries are the invisible structures that hold up the foundation of your life. Knowing how to set strong yet compassionate boundaries with others will allow you to create time and space so you can show up as your best self at all times.

You’ll harness the true power of your authentic self and live in a way that lights you up and those around you

Experience deep self-love and show up as your authentic self.  Navigate life in a way that’s inspiring and empowering to you and to all those whose lives you touch.

You’ll cultivate strong, honest and powerfully transformational relationships with family, friends and others

Nurture deeply meaningful work and personal relationships as you learn to communicate with courage, empathy and kindness.

You’ll develop a spiritual practice that synchronizes your whole being and lets you return to your natural state of deep love

Design a personal spiritual practice that lets you align with your true purpose, and your higher spiritual self as you bring your deepest desires to life — a practice that will allow you to become the best version of yourself.

You’ll build a powerful, new reality for yourself in your personal life and in your work

Become the architect of your biggest, boldest, most beautiful life vision. You’ll learn the art and science of shifting out of your limiting inner world and into a limitless new reality where you have the courage, confidence and clarity to go for what you want.

What’s Inside Elevate Your Life

The Program Syllabus

Elevate Your Life is the only program that gives you access to the Elevate Blueprint, designed to uncover deeply-rooted negative patterns so you can change them for good.

This program is essentially the result of decades of spiritual and scientific wisdom paired with practical action steps to guide you as you step into full power and mastery of your life (minus confusion and overwhelm!)

You will learn to work with the transformational tools and practices from neuroscience, psychology and spirituality to create deep healing and shifts on all levels of the being — body, mind and soul.

Module 1

Setting Yourself Up for Success

Get to know the powerful concepts, ideas and the overarching framework of everything you’ll learn so you can rapidly absorb and implement the teachings with ease.

You’ll learn:

  • Introduction to the Elevate Blueprint and how you can work with it to transform all aspects of your life
  • The 3 key elements that guarantee positive, powerful mind-body-spirit transformations that last a lifetime
  • The one ingredient that can hold you back from achieving your life and work goals (everyone struggles with this one!) and what you can do to overcome it
  • How to implement powerful mindset, emotional and spiritual shifts so you can create maximum impact and transformations with everything you learn

Module 2

It Begins With You

Dive into your hidden, inner world of thoughts, stories, patterns and beliefs so you can rapidly achieve balance and mastery in all aspects of life.

You’ll learn:

  • 2 types of truth — absolute truth vs relative truth — and how to tell the difference so you can  recreate, redesign and reshape your life
  • The 3 main mindset categories that direct our life and work experience — Victim, Survivor, Thriver — and how to mindfully and rapidly uplevel your mindset
  • The power of CCAVA —  proprietary, game-changing tool to know yourself deeply and make ideal decisions in all dimensions of your life, every, single time
  • key beliefs and stories that shape your experience and how to overcome each one to achieve more than you thought possible

Module 3

Let Go and Heal

Begin to deeply heal past pain and emotional wounds as you release negative thoughts patterns, limiting stories and beliefs to create an empowered, ideal life.

You’ll learn

  • Deeply healing yet easy-to-implement tools you can use to build emotional grit and mental strength even if you’re feeling exhausted, and overwhelmed
  • The key to releasing past trauma, pain and hurt (no matter what you’ve experienced) so you can begin to embrace powerful new beliefs that serve you
  • transformational meditation that cultivates true compassion and self-love while giving you clarity and courage to take aligned action as you redesign your life
  • Unearth golden nuggets of wisdom from every difficult experience, challenge and situation in life so past pain and hurt can be utilized to support you, in your next steps

Module 4

Set Your Boundaries

Discover the art of creating strong, healthy boundaries so you can show up as your best self in any situation.

You’ll learn

  • The true meaning of boundaries (there’s a lot more to it than you think!) and why you need boundaries to serve at the highest level and live with passion and purpose
  • How to instantly identify when you have weak boundaries (or zero boundaries) and what you can do to create ideal boundaries for different circumstances.
  • The 2 major blockers that stop you from establishing and holding healthy boundaries and how to overcome each of them with ease
  • Step-by-step proven roadmap to create boundaries that serve and support you in all 6 major dimensions of life (this works even if you’ve never been good with boundaries before)

Module 5

Beyond Elevate

Move beyond elevating your life and begin to influence and inspire those around you as you practice what you learn to create a life of passion and purpose plus live your mission.

You’ll learn

  • The path to express all your emotions — including difficult emotions like anger and sadness — in a way that will create powerful, loving relationships
  • The art of magnetizing a tribe or community of like-minded individuals so you are always surrounded by those whose values are in alignment with yours
  • How to attract your soulmate with ease and grace or if you’re already in a relationship, learn to strengthen and deepen your connection with true intimacy, connection and trust
  • A powerful way to start or reclaim a spiritual path that is unique to who you are and what you believe in so you are always supported, loved and filled with courage and hope no matter what else is going on

Module 6

Elevate Your World

Find 100% clarity on your ideal life vision and identify your highest purpose so you can create a clear path to achieve both, while experiencing genuine happiness, along the way.

You’ll learn

  • How to identify what makes you truly happy, fulfilled so you can welcome a state of deep, serenity and creativity as you rise up to achieve your biggest goals
  • The truth about how to create a state of blissful discipline or “Blissipline” so you are not just going for what you want but experiencing joy and fulfillment, every step of the way
  • The inner workings of habit creation and how to integrate powerful, new habits that give you the results you’re looking for
  • How to work with your Calendar of Upgrades so you can consistently inspire yourself and move beyond your current comfort zone, long after you’ve completed this program

Love, Praise and Success Stories From

 Happy Clients & Students

Within minutes you feel an immediate connection with Neeta. She is an extraordinary human being, with a passion for shifting the way we think, respond, and are with ourselves and with others. She resonates well to both men and women. Don’t think twice, attend, subscribe, get her courses- you will be VERY glad you did.

Nanda B.

Leadership Coach, Mumbai

As a physician who’s lived in 10 countries I have often struggled with putting everyone’s needs above mine and not realizing it until I’m in burnout. What Neeta has shown me is that it’s okay to step back and is quite necessary to focus on yourself so that your best work can come out in the service of others. Very grateful.

Dr. Nicole C.

Physician & Author

How Elevate Your Life Works The Program Experience


8 weeks of in depth training on some of the most powerful and immediately transformational, field-tested tools, techniques and practices that combine the best of science and spirituality.

Pro Video Trainings

You’ll receive access to beautifully filmed video trainings, to help you get into the mind and heartspace of learning, receiving and taking action.

Unlimited Access

Everything inside Elevate Your Life is yours for good. What this means is you have unlimited lifetime access to the videos and trainings in this program and you can go back and revisit these teachings again and again (in fact we encourage you to do that… you’ll find yourself gaining new learnings each time you watch the trainings).

Total Control Of Your Learning Experience

This is a self-paced, online experience which means you can go through this program as quickly or as gradually as you want, based on how you like to learn and everything that’s going on in your life. You won’t miss out on anything and you get to control your learning experience.


4-Week Transformational Action Guide with Custom Daily Challenges

Value $99, included in your enrollment fee

Most courses and programs don’t show you how to integrate what you learn but Elevate Your Life isn’t like most courses!

The transformational 4-Week Action Guide is designed to gently yet powerfully kick start conscious, aligned action and help you create elevated results in your life, right away!

The Guide comes packed with custom daily challenges for 4 full weeks and across all 6 key dimensions of life  — Personal Life, Mental Health & Physical Wellbeing, Professional & Goal Getting, Spiritual Life & Mindful Practice and of course, Community & Growth.

This means you won’t just read, watch or follow this program. You’ll actually implement everything you learn. You’ll also embody the teachings to become a part of who you are so you can truly transform your whole life from the inside out.

Beautiful “Power Tool” Playbooks

Value $99, included in your enrollment fee

Elevate Your Life isn’t just about knowing  what to do… it’s about taking action and seeing results.

It’s why every module in the program comes with a one-of-a-kind workbook or “playbook” as we like to call it. 

Each playbook works like a “power tool” for everything you learn in the lessons.

In other words, it lets you immerse yourself in the teachings, reflect on what you learn and most importantly… take action in a way that quickly creates positive, transformational real-world results.

Creating Winning Habits with Dr. Neeta Bhushan

Value $165, included in your enrollment fee

Creating Winning Habits is about powerfully embedding keystone habits into your life, so you can start creating success on YOUR terms, every, single day. This course is designed to give you everything you need to achieve your goals and design a winning life, no matter what!

Unlock Your Abundance with Ajit Nawalkha

Value $165, included in your enrollment fee

We all have a wellspring of abundance within us! In Unlock Your Abundance you’ll identify the limitless source of abundance that’s inside you right now. You’ll learn exactly how to access your inner infinite potential so you can develop an incredibly rich inner and outer life even if it seems out of reach right now.

Unlock Your Abundance with Ajit Nawalkha

Value $165, included in your enrollment fee

We all have a wellspring of abundance within us! In Unlock Your Abundance you’ll identify the limitless source of abundance that’s inside you right now. You’ll learn exactly how to access your inner infinite potential so you can develop an incredibly rich inner and outer life even if it seems out of reach right now.

Limitless Motivation with Dr. Neeta Bhushan

Value $165, included in your enrollment fee

Limitless Motivation is essentially about connecting with your greatest potential so you can live with passion, purpose and power. You’ll learn how to access limitless motivation to keep your energy and momentum high, as you release blocks that can get in the way of success. You’ll also learn to identify exactly what halts your motivation, discover how legends & giants conquer burnout, plus top techniques to start or revitalize a routine that continuously supports your growth.

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Total Value


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100% Risk-Free!

The Elevate Your Life Promise

Elevate Your Life comes with a full 14-day money back guarantee.

What this means is you get to try the program for 2 full weeks and decide for yourself if this is something that can help you take your life up to the next level… and beyond!

So, why are we prepared to give you your money back?

Elevate Your Life, gives you access to actionable, proven scientific and spiritual tools to achieve total self-mastery, and create an abundant, purposeful life.

Plus, the entire program is designed to support you every step of the way.

It’s why we’re CERTAIN you’ll find value and begin seeing positive changes when you commit to following and implementing the teachings in this program.

If for some reason, you don’t feel Elevate Your Life is delivering on this promise, just send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll give you a full refund (no questions asked!)

Every Moment Contains a Choice and Your Chance to Claim an Empowered, Successful Life is Here Now

When you work with the tools and processes in the Elevate Your Life, your whole world will transform

You’ll start to live with joy, serenity and deep awareness of who you are and what you truly want.

This will finally be the life you’ve always wanted and on YOUR terms.

You’ll become your most confident, courageous authentic self as you move forward and upward in your life…

And most of all you’ll heal from past pain and hurt and learn to redesign your life.

BUT everything will stay at exactly where it is now if you do nothing.

So here’s the thing..

You’re at a symbolic crossroads right now and it represents a choice.

The choice to live your greatest purpose, vision and mission. The choice to make a real difference in the world

Think of it this way…

Taking control and mastering all aspects of your life… what will that do for you?

How will you feel when you wake up each morning? What will you see, feel and do as you go through your day?

What will you feel in your heart and mind? How will your personal life, relationships, spiritual, mental, emotional and financial life transform?

What is that worth to you?

Your entire life, your mission and your impact are in your hands in this moment, in this choice.

What will you do? It’s your call!

Your Frequently Asked Questions…


How does Elevate Your Life work?

This is a consciously created and tested 8-week program which includes beautiful, high quality training videos, audios featuring master teacher and coach Dr. Neeta Bhushan. The program includes actionable tools and practices and it’s designed to be simple yet deeply transformational so you’ll have no problem implementing everything you learn right away You can move through this learning experience at your own pace.

What will I learn from Elevate Your Life?

You will discover the Elevate Blueprint and access incredibly effective, transformational tools based on the best of science and spirituality… essentially human behavior, neuroscience, ancient eastern philosophy and practice plus therapeutic psychology. These processes have been tested and proven to increase self-awareness so you can shift the way you see the world and redesign your life on your terms.

How long will I have access to Elevate Your Life?

Forever… seriously! When you enroll in Elevate Your Life, you’ll gain lifetime access to everything inside the program so you can go back to it again and again if you want to.

How do I know if Elevate Your LIfe is right for me?

If you want to live your dreams and achieve your boldest goals, if you want the blueprint that creates lasting positive change, if you want to achieve self-mastery and life mastery while serving others at the highest level, then the answer is YES! Elevate Your Life is designed to help you achieve all that and more!

How much time do I set aside to complete this program?

This is a self-paced experience. This means you can customize the time you spend on each module to suit your needs and the time that you have available. Having said that, it’s good to set aside about 2 hours each week to run through each module and reflect on the teachings and actionable practices so you can immediately start to implement and see results as soon as possible.

What if I change my mind?

No problem! We have a rock-solid, no questions asked 14-day money back guarantee. All you have to do is send us an email at [email protected] in the first 14 days from your date of enrollment and we’ll issue a full refund. No questions asked!

Does Elevate Your Life come with an online community?

Yes! You’ll get 3 full months FREE access to Global Grit Insiders, a dynamic community of like-minded souls. You’ll also gain access to expert coaching, live workshops and additional courses plus transformational tools as a Global Grit Insider.

Love, Praise and Success Stories

From Happy Clients & Students

Neeta is the embodiment of fierce, compassionate, grace. She is thoughtful in how she crafts your transformation because she has been there. For so many of us female leaders trying to achieve this sense of perfection, she has nailed this beautifully and is someone to continuously learn from.

Jessica M,

Lean IN Asia, Kuala Lumpur

She’s great pointing things out that you don’t want to hear. Neeta lives her life as being boundless. Because she has had so many different experiences she is well aware of being a lady in a masculine world, maintaining grace in her femininity. Her courses, workshops, and talks are extraordinary for any woman feeling stuck. You cannot go wrong with this choice, a no brainer.


Lifestyle Marketing Influencer,
San Francisco CA

Neeta came into my life when I was in low place. I was in the middle of a transition from my dental practice, and the tools I learned from her gave me the confidence and strength to move forward in my next chapter as a leader for other women. I’m in such gratitude for her work.

Dr. Shakila A.

Dentist & Speaker

Neeta not only helped me transition careers, but gave me the tools here so that I could truly fly. As a grade school teacher, I didn’t think it was possible to merge my passion with my gifts for helping other women in their relationships- I just didn’t go to school for that. But learning from her, she helped rewire my thoughts and laid the path where I was in the driver’s seat. Now doing what I love!

Amy O.

Former teacher turned Best-Selling Author
& Relationship Coach

Get Instant Access to Elevate Your Life Now



Total Value


Your Investment Only




Total Value


Your Investment Only
3 payments of