Plan Your Best year yet

With the Elevated Intention Setting Planner

Elevate Your Life with yourself, your partner, your family, and your team in 2022

If you’re looking for a quick-and-dirty New Year’s resolution planner that you’ll forget about come February… this is NOT it.

I created this guide over 8+ years ago and have been refining it ever since so that it supports me even in my busiest seasons of life…

(Did someone say move cities, have a second baby, renovate a home, write a book, run multiple global businesses, and make time for my relationships ALL in one summer?!)

This intention setting planner is your step-by-step guide to:

  • Make your intentions crystal clear so you know where to spend your precious time
  • Gain clarity on your purpose and connect you with your big “WHY”
  • Keep your accountability high with habits that align with your lifestyle

… So you can make this year GOLDEN. I believe in you, and SO excited for you to Elevate in 2022!

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